Basic of Civil engineering

This is my first post .so suru krte h civil se .civil engineering branch h engineering ki Jo k deal krti h design, construction, maintenance roads ,bridges, canals, dams,building ki.Civil engineering  is second oldest branch of engineering after military engineering .

History ki baat kre to sub se pehle US ki Norwich university new civil engineering teach ki and women name Nora Stanton got degree in 1905 .

Now the points for basic knowledge

  • Lab or field m hone vale tests Jo hote h building materials k .
  • Basic knowledge honi chahiye soils ki or usni properties ki.
  • Methods of force,displacement or moment calculation ki.
  • pH value,TDS etc Jo v water k tests and properties.
  • Surveying  (theodolite etc)
  • Fluids ki properties in laminar flow.
  • Rcc ,steel structure etc

For all the basic m follow krta hu “basic of civil engineering SS Bhavikatti”.